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In 1984, a feminist arts collective called Carnival Knowledge announced a festival which asked the question “Is there a feminist pornography?” Club 90, a support group for female porn stars, was asked to participate. No record of Club 90’s performance exists in the public sphere. What would this performance look like in 2018?


Directed & Conceived

by Bri Ng Schwartz


Devised by The Ensemble

Emanuel Dunagan 

Elena Gonzalez Molina 

Zandra Starks

Michael Villanueva

Assistant Director: Sydney Nelson

Script Supervisor: Madie Doppelt 

Dramaturg: Kelly Bagby 

Stage Manager: Jose Dominguez 

Lighting Designer: Scott Tobin

Sound Designer: Camille Denholm

Marketing Materials: Natalie Lawrence & Mike DuVair

Photography: Mac Yellek

By: Lloyd Suh

Directed by Coya Paz 

October 2018

Dramaturgy Packet 

Dramaturgy Packet 

Book by Richard Wright

Adaptation by Nambi Kelly

Directed by Michael Burke

February 2018

Dramaturgy Packet 

Club 90: The Second Coming

The Wong Kids in The Secret of The Space Chupacabra, GO! 

Native Son

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